How Much Does Onewheel Cost? Why Is It So expensive?

How Much Does Onewheel Cost

Want to invest in a cool motorized skateboard and need to know how much Onewheel costs? If that’s the case, you’re at the right place.  Onewheel arguably designs the best-motorized skateboards with high-quality components and better performance right from California, USA. But how great and pocket-friendly is the price tag for their skateboards. In this … Read more

Best 30 MPH Electric Skateboards

30 MPH Electric Skateboards

Are you a good skater? Do you hunt for an advanced version of skateboards equipped with motors? This article will be a great guide to choose from many electric skateboards in the digital market. Skateboards play a vital role in personal transportation. You can move about around the corners with the desired speed limit. It … Read more

Are Boosted Boards Waterproof?

Are Boosted Boards Waterproof

Water is the number one enemy of electronics, a tiny drop of water can cause a lot of damage by creating a short circuit, so imagine what rain or puddles could do to your electric skateboard!  Nowadays, we dream about making all electronics waterproof, even the tiniest things to avoid paying a lot of money … Read more

What is a VESC | DIY Electric Skateboard

What is a VESC

Electric skateboards are the modern types of regular skateboards which are normally used for fun or for commuting to work, you don’t have to be an expert skateboarder in order to ride one but you surely need to learn how to balance yourself while riding the board.  There are two ways to get an electric … Read more

Are Boosted Boards Safe? Is It Worth Having One?

Are Boosted Boards Safe

Electric boards are a great alternative to other types of vehicles nowadays, especially if you want to be a friend to the environment, the revolution of electric vehicles is already here, companies like SolarCity and Tesla are looking to spread the word about the power of electric transportation.  Safety is an important aspect of any … Read more