What is a VESC | DIY Electric Skateboard

What is a VESC

Electric skateboards are the modern types of regular skateboards which are normally used for fun or for commuting to work, you don’t have to be an expert skateboarder in order to ride one but you surely need to learn how to balance yourself while riding the board.  There are two ways to get an electric … Read more

Are Boosted Boards Safe? Is It Worth Having One?

Are Boosted Boards Safe

Electric boards are a great alternative to other types of vehicles nowadays, especially if you want to be a friend to the environment, the revolution of electric vehicles is already here, companies like SolarCity and Tesla are looking to spread the word about the power of electric transportation.  Safety is an important aspect of any … Read more

How To Turn Off Bluetooth On A Hoverboard

How To Turn Off Bluetooth On A Hoverboard

Hoverboards were first introduced in 2013 by Shane Chen, surprisingly, he’s not a young man if you’re asking, a cool invention like this is predicted to come from young minds, anyway, I’m not here to judge people, this cool new invention utilizes the movement of your body to control the hoverboard without having to use … Read more